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Do you own a small farm and wish to use a compact tractor in your field?

Your wish to own a mini tractor can be fulfilled with Kirloskar Mini Tractor. Equipped with powerful 15 HP engine, Kirloskar Mega T is a lightweight and highly efficient mini tractor. These compact tractors have a proven fuel efficiency and have minimal operating costs. Equipped with an adjustable wheel track, this mini tractor can be used in narrow as well as wide rows in the field. It consists of an advanced brake
system and tractor-like seat to provide its user with maximum safety and comfort.

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If you are looking for smart implements in India, then KMW by Kirloskar is a one stop solution for all your farming implements needs. Known for its wide range of tractor implements KMW has multiple options to fulfill all your farming needs from seeding to reaping.

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Agricultural Machinery in india – With agriculture being the chief source of income for about 50% working population of the country, India is one of the leading producers of pulses, spices and milk all over the world. However, every industry comes with its own set of loopholes and probable methods to tackle the same. Check out our blog

https://kmwagri.com/agricultural-challenges-india-possible-solutions/ to learn about the major agricultural problems faced by the country and what are their possible solutions

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As soon as Mega T was launched in Nepal, our distributor partner Dugar Brothers and Sons Ltd., decided to conduct a tour of farms in Nepal with this innovative farm equipment. With support from our Indian headquarters, a CUE initiative was launched in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur by our Nepal partners. The aim of this CUE initiative was to find the suitability and adaptability of Mega T in terrains of Nepal. Designed exclusively to provide good haulage in various territories, Mega T Deluxe proved to be ideal for the CUE activities in Bhaktapur.
It further led to the launch of Mega T DLX RTH which is an improvised version of Mega T Deluxe.
For further information visithttps://kmwagri.com/news/cue-helps-mega-t-make-an-impact-in-nepal/

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Hi, This a demo post of Logdown.

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We are glad to announce the recent launch of our latest product Super Mono premium Monoblock Diesel Pump Set. Being accredited with BIS certificate and ISI approval, this pump set has bagged numerous renowned certifications to deliver world class quality.

The compact size of these Super Mono Premium Monoblock Diesel Pump Sets makes it portable and easy to provide superior performance during field operations. Whereas its sturdy design and correct alignment give it a longer shelf-life.

These pump sets come at affordable prices and iseasily available in the market in two variations of both air-cooled and water-cooler versions to suit your needs.
For more detailsget in touch with us. Visit our website - https://kmwagri.com/